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Caring for our Communi-tea

As we return to our old lives, please help us to re-connect in person with the local people who have missed our care in recent times and to meet those who have only just found that they are going to need us.

With your help, we can bring back face to face care and support to those who have really missed us; all over a simple cup of tea.

The aim of our Wellbeing service is to help more people to live longer, feeling the best they can every single day. To achieve this we provide, completely free, a wide range of support groups and therapy sessions. Some help to keep people mobile and physically active – or just reduce the pain a condition brings. Other sessions offer the chance for self expression through creative activity. Many people find great comfort in the emotional and spiritual support we offer.

But one common link runs through everything we offer to people at ellenor – tea. So much so, in fact, that our most important group sessions are called ‘Cuppas’. It’s so much easier to discuss a difficult subject, or even to just sit and listen as a group share their
experiences, when there’s a cup of tea in your hand. We make dozens of cuppas each day at ellenor – and there’s usually a slice of cake or a biscuit to go with them!

Over the next few months, with your help, we’ll re-connect with hundreds of local people who have missed face-to-face contact over the last 18 months. They’ll all be welcome – and the kettle is already on.


Here are some real life experiences of ellenor's care.

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I can’t wait to meet all my ellenor friends once again.


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ellenor have been such a magnificent support to me over the last year and now i can’t wait to meet their lovely team for the first time.


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Cuppa Sessions at ellenor


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