Complaints Policy

If you are not happy with any aspects of our work or our people, please tell us - we may be able to provide further explanation of our actions, or improve if our performance is less than it should be. We promise to take all complaints seriously, and to deal with them in a timely manner. Equally, we would be glad to hear any compliments on what we do – it is always good to know that our work is appreciated.

To speak to us about your complaint or compliment, please contact us on:

Telephone: 01474 320 007


There are also other routes you can take if you feel we have not adequately resolved your complaint. These include:

The Charity Commission

The Charity Commission, P.O. Box 1227, Liverpool, L69 3UG

Tel. no. 0845 600 8000

The Fundraising Regulator

Tel. no. 0300 999 3407


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